Moxon Vise Kits

Moxon Vise Lite

Moxon Vise Lite

Moxon Vise Lite:

  • Dovetailer's dream vise
      • Accommodates up to 14" wide boards, perfect for dovetailing drawers
      • Holds the board securely along it's entire width, no shaky boards while sawing
      • Brings the board up to a  more comfortable working height
  • Ultra Portable
      • Less than 24” long
      • Approx. 7-1/2 lbs, about half of the weight of our standard Moxon vise
      • Clamp it to your workbench, clamp it to your kitchen table
      • Stores easily when not in use
  • Perfect for the experienced as well as the new or junior woodworker
Technical Specs
  • Solid hard maple - unfinished
  • Vise Screws
      • Approx.size = 12" overall length
      • Hand grip approx.size = 1-7/8" Diameter x 4-1/2" long
      • Threaded section approx.size = 1-1/4" Diameter x 7-1/2" long
      • Thread pitch = 4 Turns Per Inch (TPI)
      • Vise Screws (ready to finish)
  • Front Jaw
      • Approx. size 1-1/4" thick x 4" tall x 19-3/4" long
      • Front Jaw has an 1/8" overhang which is used to align the vise to the front of the workbench
      • Oblong shaped clearance holes on front vise jaw allows clamping of tapered objects
      • Milled surfaces, ready to sand and finish
  • Rear Jaw
      • Approx. size 1-3/4" thick x 3-7/8" tall x 23-3/4" long
      • Milled surfaces, ready to sand and finish
  • Vise Capacity & Weight
      • Clamp up to 4-1/4" between the jaws
      • 14-1/4" space between the screws
      • Approx. 7-1/2 lbs

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