Workbench Ideas

Welcome to our Lake Erie Toolworks Workbench Ideas Page that provides access to over 90+ workbench idea submissions from customers who have used our Lake Erie Toolworks vises.

You'll be able to access some great ideas by selecting the following links:

How does "Workbench Ideas" work?

If you've built a workbench and have used a Lake Erie wooden vise in its construction, submit some pictures and a brief write up so that we can give other woodworkers great ideas to help inspire them to build their own workbench.

In return for your workbench idea submission, we will send you a Lake Erie Toolworks logo T-Shirt as a thank you for sharing your idea with woodworkers around the world.

Just drop us a line at this email address:

Note: We will only display your first name and last name initial to provide credit to you for your pictures & information as well as to protect your privacy. We may also use your workbench and Vise pictures for product installation, training and related purposes.

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