2X Wood Vise Screw

2X Wood Vise Screw
2X Wood Vise Screw - includes:
>> One 2X hard maple wood vise screw
  • Double start thread, 1 TPI (2 Threads per inch but 1 turn per inch of movement)
  • Vise Screw is milled from a solid billet of hard maple, no glue joints
  • Total Vise Screw Length approx: 23" to 24"
  • Hub approx.size: 4" diameter x 4-3/4" long
  • Robust threaded section approx. size: 3" diameter x 19" long, 2" next to hub is unthreaded
    (Note: Only one vise screw is included as "2X" refers to the name of this product and does not mean that there are two vise screws included.)
    (Leadtime = Ships within 2 weeks)
    $ 185.00