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Wood Vise Screw - Basic Kit

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If you want a robust and fast wooden vise to power your workbench workholding for leg, twin-screw, face or tail vises, then look no further.  The Lake Erie Toolworks wood vise kit is simply the best.
  • Our regular wood vise screw has a single start thread (which means 1 thread per inch) that provides a 2 turns per inch vise screw movement (2TPI) - therefore, you would turn the handle two complete revolutions and the screw will advance or retract 1" (25.4 mm).
Full Size Wood Vise Screw Kit: (Used for) - Leg Vises - Twin Screw Vises - Face Vises - Tail Vises
Wood Vise Screw - Single Kit Basic - includes:
>> Leg Vise Installation Instructions
>> One hard maple wood vise screw
  • Total Length approx: 23" to 24"
  • Hub approx.size: 3-1/2" diameter x 4-3/4" long
  • Threaded section approx.size: 2-1/2" diameter x 19-1/4" long
  • 2 Turns Per Inch vise screw movement
  • Vise Screw is milled from a solid billet of hard maple, no glue joints
>> One hard maple wood nut
  • Approx.size: 2-3/4" thick x 4" wide x 8-9" long
>> No Handle
(Leadtime = Ships within approximately 2-3 weeks)
$ 175.00