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La Forge Royale Miter Jack Hard Maple Screw and Nut

La Forge Royale Miter Jack Hard Maple Screw and Nut

oncWe have built the La Forge Royale Miter Jack vise screw and nut kits to complement Benchcrafted's metal hardware which is available on their website here

The vise screws are hard maple with an 8 sided grip, 1-3/16" diameter threaded section with 4 turns per inch and 90 degree threads.  90 degree (flatter) threads are less likely to chip on smaller threaded vises and are the type that we use on our Moxon screws as well.  60 degree threads (steeper) work better for larger screws with lower turns per inch (bigger threads) as they have more surface area for the screw and nut to engage, that is the type that we use on our larger bench size vises.

The vise and nut block are sized to work with the La Forge Royale Miter Jack drawings made by Benchcrafted available here.  The vise screw is sanded and ready to finish, the nut block is milled to size.

Here is another link to all of the related Blog content including the history of the tool as well as a detailed build log: La Forge Royale.  

Note:  This does not include the metal hardware, you will need to purchase that separately from Benchcrafted here

Photos courtesy of Benchcrafted Blog and website.

(We are planning on building another batch of Miter Jack screw and nuts that once available will be announced via our website and newsletter. Please send us your email address if you would like to be notified directly once these vise kits are available.)

$ 155.00