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Our Moxon Vise is perfect for woodworkers that want to make dovetails, mortise and tenon joinery, or to build drawers, chairs or other casework projects. You also can secure this Moxon Vise to a sturdy kitchen table or picnic table, so you don't even have to own a workbench in order to make use of this amazing workholding tool.


Moxon Vise - includes:
>>Two hard maple wood Moxon vise screws
  • Total Length approx: 12"
  • Hand grip approx.size: 2-3/8" diameter x 4" long
  • Threaded section approx.size: 1-3/4" diameter x 7" long
  • 3-1/2 Threads Per Inch (TPI)
  • Vise screws are ready for finish 
 >> One hard maple front Moxon vise jaw
  • Approx.size 1-3/4" thick x 4" tall x 32" long 
  • Front jaw has an 1/8" overhang which is used to align the vise to the front of the workbench 
  • Oblong shaped clearance holes on front vise jaw allows clamping of tapered objects
  • Front vise jaw is surfaced 4 sides and ready to sand or smooth plane
 >> One hard maple rear Moxon vise jaw   
  • Approx.size 1-3/4" thick x 3-7/8" tall x 36" long 
  • Threaded holes
  • Rear vise jaw is surfaced 4 sides and ready to sand or smooth plane
 >> Moxon vise capacity & weight
  • 4-1/4" of capacity between the jaws
  • Ability to clamp a full 24" wide panel between the vise screws
  • Moxon Vise weight approximately 16 pounds

>> Moxon Vise Assembly and Use Instructions

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Lake Erie Toolworks - Moxon Vise Use Video

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