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2X Wood Vise Nut - Standard

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The 2X wood vise nut is an integral part of the work-holding device for use in clamping your wood or lumber to a workbench if you plan on using a 2X wood vise system.  You would typically thread a 2X wooden vise screw through a wood chop into the 2X wood vise to achieve your clamping force.  Our 2X wood vise nuts are made out of a single solid hard maple wood billet. No need to concern yourself with a laminated nut that could possibly come apart with the great pressures exerted upon clamping your work down.
Here is a precise, threaded "2X" wooden nut to perfectly match a "2X" wooden vise screw.
2X Wood Vise Nut - Standard includes:
>> One 2X hard maple wood nut
  • Approx.size: 2-3/4" thick x 5" wide x 8-9" long
      (Note: Only one nut is included as "2X" refers to the name of this product and does not mean that there are two nuts included.)
      (Leadtime: Ships within 3 to 4 weeks)

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