Antique Block Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut
Antique Block Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut
Load image into Gallery viewer, Antique Block Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut
Load image into Gallery viewer, Antique Block Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut

Antique Block Plane Replacement Blades - CPM MagnaCut

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Handplane blade technology has come a long way in the past 80-120 years since A2 and O1 tool steels were developed.  We've experimented with a number of steels and have found that CPM MagnaCut, a new powder metal super stainless steel engineered specifically for knives/cutting tools, is the absolute best performing plane blade steel available.

Traditionally, woodworking tools have been made out of O1 or A2.  It's also commonly believed that there are three attributes for a tool steel: wear resistance, keenness of cutting edge and corrosion resistance, and that you can only pick two of them.  With modern advances in tool steel, you really can have all three with our new CPM MagnaCut blades.

  • Works with antique Stanley / Bailey bock planes
  • CPM MagnaCut: powder metal stainless blade steel with ideal characteristics
  • Ultra-fine grain structure including small Vanadium and Niobium carbides for wear resistance: hones to an exceedingly sharp edge, you'll sharpen less often and your blade will last longer when compared to O1 or A2 steel
  • Double tempered and cryogenically treated to Rockwell C 62 hardness: optimal heat treatment that balances edge retention and toughness, providing significantly higher amounts of each when compared with O1 or A2 steel
  • Unparalleled corrosion resistance that doesn't compromise cutting performance
  • Surface ground flat, readily lapped smooth
  • 25 degree flat ground bevel
  • .1" thickness
  • Typically a 'drop-in' replacement but you may need to file the lateral adjuster slightly (if you have one) to fit the slot

    You might be thinking: "I oil/wax my blades, why would I need corrosion resistant steel in the woodshop?".  Here's why: as soon as you begin cutting wood, it removes this thin oil film and any moisture or acids in the wood begin to work on corroding the steel.  Abrasion from using the tool contributes to wear but given that the sharpened cutting edge comes to such a small radius, it is the point on the blade that is most susceptible to corrosion.  Your blades literally will dull when you aren't even using them unless you are regularly oiling them.  CPM MagnaCut has very high corrosion resistance to combat this problem.

    Sharpening Note:  As CPM MagnaCut uses Vanadium and Niobium carbides to improve wear resistance, standard aluminum oxide abrasives aren't as effective as harder abrasives.  Diamond, Ceramic and Silicon Carbide all work great.  We've tested Pride Abrasive Ceramic Waterstones, Shapton Pro, Shapton Glass Stones as well as affordable Silicon Carbide sheets, all to good effect.  The ultra fine grain structure and carbide size significantly improve the sharpenability of CPM MagnaCut compared to other high wear resistant steels with larger carbides.

    Read all about CPM MagnaCut from it's inventor here:

    Steel manufacturer's data sheet here:

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